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​​​​​​​West Slope Early Winter Steelhead Report 2013... 

​The early winter fishing on our West Slope Tailwaters is in full swing with some good fishing and great times had on the water so far. From opening day on Jan. 1st until just this week, the conditions during the day were more spring like than what one would expect to see this early in the season. With most mornings being quite cold,  most days heated up into the low to mid 60's.  ​We had been coming off the water with "raccoon eye's" from all the bright sun we were fishing in for weeks.

Although the days were very bright and the water was a little on the clear side, almost all of our guided trips experienced great fishing, especially during the big hatches that have been coming off. We have had an above average year for dry fly fishing so far this season. We have been hooking 12-20 fish (on the average day) on emergers and dries, with most fish landed in the 14-18 inch size range. The fish you see above have been about the solid average, hard fighting, acrobatic native "half pounders" we have seen smashing bugs on top.  While the best action seemed to be more condensed to the "hatch" period of the day​​ (which isn't always the case during the winter) we found some of our biggest grabs after the major insect activity had subsided for the day. It was a great way to end most trips hooking some of our best fish (18-23 inches) late in the day, just before the sun began to set away from the valley.

​​​​​While the days were beautiful by most folks standards we were longing for some wet, overcast steelhead weather pretty bad. This week our wait was over with a good storm system hitting the region which has brought some fresh fish back into the rivers. Over the next few weeks we will begin to see some of the biggest winter steelhead of the season moving into the system ready to hammer anything they can find, after their long journey up the river. We expect the action to be awesome and the hatches getting bigger and more prolific.

As we enter our 21st year in operation, ​​we would like to thank all of you who have supported our dream of chasing fish all over the together. Without your trust, friendship, and continued loyalty, the past 21 seasons couldn't have been possible. We are truly looking forward to many more years out there with you all!

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From Steve B. Walser and all of us at Sierra West Adventures... "See you out there"!​​​​